Female Athlete Podcast

Cycling and the Female Athlete: The Basics

June 11, 2021 Female Athlete Podcast Season 3 Episode 12
Female Athlete Podcast
Cycling and the Female Athlete: The Basics
Show Notes

In this episode we speak to two experienced female cyclists and Specialized ambassadors ; 2020 Triathlon World Series Champion Georgia Taylor-Brown and SES Racing's track cyclist Yewande Adesida.

We chat about all the basics to consider as a female cyclists including saddle sores and how to deal with and avoid them, choosing the best saddle, what their training looks like day to day, how they deal with their menstrual cycles, how they fuel for longer rides and why they believe more women should get into cycling.

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*Disclaimer: Materials and content in the Female Athlete Podcast are intended as general information only and should not be substituted for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

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