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Recovery & Sleep: The science behind different strategies and why recovery is so important with Dr Shona Halson

November 20, 2020 Female Athlete Podcast Season 2 Episode 8
Female Athlete Podcast
Recovery & Sleep: The science behind different strategies and why recovery is so important with Dr Shona Halson
Show Notes

In this episode we speak about all things Recovery with a world leading expert in all aspects of sleep, recovery strategies and travel, Dr Shona Halson. 

Shona is an Associate Professor in the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences at the Australian Catholic University. Prior to this she was a senior physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport for 15 years, working both as a researcher and an applied scientist.

 In the interview we cover why recovery is important and why the topic has only gained attention in the research world in recent years. We talk in depth about sleep, top tips for a good nights' sleep, the trade off between sleep quality and quantity and why we might be waking up multiple times in the night (and how stress and anxiety plays a huge role in this).

We talk about other recovery strategies such as compression, cold water immersion and the science behind them, the effects of the menstrual cycle and temperature on sleep, best practice when it comes to travel and how best to wind down and recover at the end of a busy day or after a late training session. We also touch on how best to prepare and deal with jet lag when travelling.

Shona on Twitter: @ShonaHalson

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